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Tyrongilia Q. Walton, the only daughter of Mary Jones, was born and raised in Tupelo, MS.  She has is married to Harold Walton and together they have eight children, Crystal, Brandon, Blake, Ariel, DeBrico, Sheluv, Grayson, and Daniel. Life for young Ty, as she prefers to be called, was not void of trials and seemingly insurmountable obstacles, which came to a rising point at age 15 when Ty had her first child and dropped out of school shortly after.  This, however, would not be the end, naturally or spiritually, for teen Ty. Even in the midst of nothing she knew there was a call and push to be more and do more.  Ty returned to school and worked hard to graduate with her class.  Not only did she graduate, but she did so with honors.   Upon graduating from high school, Ty entered the licensed practical nurse (LPN) program at Itawamba Community College and graduated in 2002. Now a preacher and fueled with the power of a prophetic word that there was yet more to accomplish, Ty continued her studies and became a registered nurse (RN) in 2005. Her educational career culminated in 2013 with the receipt of her doctor of nursing practice (DNP) degree. Dr. Ty now owns and works as the nurse practitioner on staff for Walton Family Care Clinic in New Albany, MS.  

While her career and natural accomplishments are noteworthy, her spiritual walk surely does not go without greater recognition.  Elder Ty has used her life's story to fulfill her God given purpose of leading, motivating, and inspiring others to LIVE from Within through ministering to youth, bound women, and those loss.  Her life's goal is not to be great but to simply win souls for the Kingdom. She understands that her walk with Christ supersedes anything she could ever accomplish on this Earth, and she seeks to impart that love for Christ in others as she helps them become no longer bound.     Preaching since 1997 and an ordained elder since the age of 24, Elder Ty is simply a vessel willing to say what God says and do as he commands. She loves God, her family, and church No Longer Bound (New Albany, MS) where she humbly serves as the Pastor along with her husband.

Ty is passionate as she gives of herself both naturally and spiritually. She has spoken on local, national, and international platforms both professionally and spiritually. As a business owner, she has offered herself in consultation to those who are looking for experiential advice on starting a business. Spiritually, she avails herself to those who want life advice outside of medical consultations as well as information on church start up and administration.


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